About me

I am an independent expert in the field of RNAi Therapeutics with an emphasis on science and business development strategy.

Trained in RNAi molecular biology at the universities of Edinburgh (BSc Hons 2000-2002), Oxford (DPhil 2002-2005), and Stanford (post-doctoral research), I have lived and breathed RNA(i) Therapeutics development for the last 18 years.

A scientist at heart, it is my strong belief that sound science is the basis for any successful value creation and investments related to RNA(i) Therapeutics drug development.

In addition to my science background, I have been an avid investor in the stock markets since 1995 with a focus on biotechnology in general and the RNA Therapeutics sector in particular.

You can contact me by writing to: my first name DOT my last name AT gmail DOT com.
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