Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The RNAi Therapeutics Blog Will Take a Break

While on vacation (and far away from the financial markets mess…), I had plenty of time to re-prioritize my research and investment efforts.  To my pleasant surprise, the blog has turned out to be a very rich (not monetary) experience for me with many new contacts that allowed me to learn about the various aspects of biotech R&D and financing. Thank you for this! 

As I don’t know how long I will have the privilege to discover science with my own hands and knowing of some of the challenges of RNAi Therapeutics, I decided to expand my research efforts into looking at the molecular aspects of DNA-directed RNAi which I believe is very underappreciated by the investment community for its therapeutic potential.   What is lacking, is a champion similar to Alnylam in siRNA-mediated RNAi Therapeutics combining basic RNAi science leadership, business and therapeutic development know-how, and in the case of DNA-directed RNAi (viral) vector expertise for delivery. 

Should my plans change or should my boss boot me out of the lab for under-performing, I might be back, and then it would probably be full-time.  In the meantime, I hope everybody and RNAi Therapeutics in particular to get through the economic turmoil well.


fritz said...

Dirk, thanks for writing such a well-informed blog. You will be missed. Enjoy making a life... I wish you well.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Dirk for an informative and entertaining blog. All the best for your research. Benitec has been a leader in DNA-directed RNAi, but hasn't been able to assume the champion role you mention. What sort of future do you see for Benitec? Who do you expect to become the DNA-directed RNAi champion?

fritz said...

Dirk, thanks for writing such a well-informed blog. You will be missed. Enjoy making a life... I wish you well.


Anonymous said...


I can only echo what Fritz said.

Your blog will be missed greatly by many.

Perhaps in the future you can still post from time to time as material developments warrant and as your time allows.

Once again, many thanks!



Anonymous said...

Great job on the blog Dirk.
You provided many windows for many
people from different perspectives into RNAi.
Have a great time doing whatever
you're doing and hope to see you back and the blog back one day.


GS said...

Interesting to hear of your move into DNA-directed RNAi. Thinking about it recently, it seems to me to be a clear way around delivery issues in appropriately severe indications. The business model is somewhat challenging though, given that the vectors can last for years. Perhaps treatment could entail initial dosing, with yearly monitoring. With or without the monitoring, the pharma co. getting yearly payments IF the patient still registers sufficient benefits (biomarkers?). This would reduce the risk and spread the cost burden for payors, increasing uptake. A new business model, but one more likely to be accepted (& give better patient care). Sorry, I've gone off track.

Thanks for creating what has been (& still is) a fantastic source of intelligent RNA therapy discussion. Best of luck with your new ventures. Sad that you wont still be updating the blog, but thats not too surprising given the time constraints.


guy said...

You should write "a short history of RNAi" sort of book! Blog will be missed.


Enumerate said...

Dirk, don't stop the Blog - get some "guests" in to fill out commentary over the next few months.

This Blog is too valuable to halt!!

Sounds like you have been talking with John Rossi!!

Anonymous said...

your blog has provided great insight into the world of rnai therapeutics...best of luck with your research

Anonymous said...

Is it me, or does little seem to have happened in the world of RNA therapies since you stopped updating your blog Dirk!?

Anonymous said...


Nick said...

I have visited your blog a few times, and I always enjoy reading your perspective. I hope to read more from you in the future. Come back!

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