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Get It Today...The RNAi Therapeutics Investment Guide for 2013

What is driving the RNAi Therapeutics market, where are the pockets of value creation, and where are the risks?

The 'RNAi Therapeutics Investment Guide 2013' will answer these questions and more.  The Guide should be particularly useful for the following audiences:

1) Drug developers which consider investing in RNAi Therapeutics drug development;

2) Drug developers already engaged in RNAi Therapeutics development to help position themselves in the competitive market place;

3) RNAi Therapeutics investors, especially those in the public markets to understand the market place dynamics and to help identify investment opportunities.

42 pages.

Table of Contents                                                        
Table of Contents                                                                   

1. The RNAi Therapeutics Opportunity                                 

2. RNAi Therapeutics History                                               

            A. The Geek Phase (2002-5)                                    
            B. Irrational Exuberance (2005-8)                             
            C. Doubts and Despair (2008-11)                              
            D. Revival (2011-present)                                        

3. RNAi Therapeutics in 2013                                                

A.    State of the (RNAi Delivery) Art                                     

                        i. SNALP                                                        
   ii. Dynamic PolyConjugates                           
                        iii. GalNAc-siRNA Conjugates                      
                        iv. Self-delivering RNAi Triggers                   
                        v. Viral Delivery                                             

B. The RNAi Trigger IP Landscape in 2013             

C. Sector Tailwinds                                                    

  i. RNAi Therapeutics Hits Sweet Spot of Secular Drug Development Trend                                                                      
            ii. RNAi Therapeutics as Part of Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Resurgence
D. RNAi Therapeutics Deal Dynamics in 2013          

E. Clinical Trial Catalysts in 2013                              

            i. TKM-PLK1                                                 
            ii. ALN-TTR02                                               
            iii. ALN-TTRsc                                               
            iv. RXI-109                                                     
            v. ARC520                                                      
            vi. Cal-1                                                          

4. Potential Pitfalls                                                                  

5. Outlook Beyond 2013                                                        

6. Company Profiles                                                               

A.    Publicly Traded Pure Plays                                   

                        i. Alnylam                                                       
                        ii. Arrowhead Research                                  
                        iii. Benitec                                                       
                        iv. Bioneer                                                       
                        v. ISIS Pharmaceuticals                                  
                        vi. Marina Biotech                                          
                        vii. RXi Pharmaceuticals                                 
                        ix. Silence Therapeutics                                  
                        x. Tekmira Pharmaceuticals                            

B.     Big Pharma Players                                               

                        i. Merck                                                           
                        ii. Novartis                                                      
                        iii. Takeda                                                       
                        iv. Other Big Pharmas, Including AstraZeneca          

C.     Privately Owned Pure Plays                                             

           D. Other RNA Therapeutics Companies and Technologies   

Extra: The Business of RNAi Therapeutics 2013 (slide presentation).

Extra: Presentation slides.

Keywords: Alnylam, Arrowhead Research, Benitec, Marina Biotech, RXi Pharmaceuticals, Silence Therapeutics, Tekmira, Merck, Novartis, Big Pharma, SNALP, DPC, GalNAc, conjugates, self-delivering RNAi triggers, Dicer-substrates, nucleic acid modifications, TTR amyloidosis/ALN-TTR, HBV/ARC520, PCSK9/hypercholesterolemia, PLK1/cancer, RNA Therapeutics, antisense-mediated gene knockdown, intellectual property, orphan diseases, liver, safety.


Drug development companies up to 10 employees: 250 Euros/300 US dollars
Drug development companies over 10 employees: 500 Euros/600 US dollars
Other companies (e.g. financial institutions and investment funds): 400 Euros/500 US dollars
University libraries: 95 Euros/120 dollars
Individuals (private use only): 95 Euros/120 US dollars

Prices exclude 19% VAT for German customers (corporate and non-corporate) and non-corporate customers in the European Union.

Payments either by bank transfer or paypal.

When ordering, the following information is required:

Full name and address
Use (corporate, individual etc)
Billing name and address if different

Order by contacting me at
My first name: dirk; my last name: haussecker

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I believe the time - end of march -is perfect. March could be very busy and productive for ARWR...

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