Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The RNAi Therapeutics Blog is Taking a Break

When it feels that everything has been said, it may be time to be silent for a while.

This point has come for me and the RNAi Therapeutics blog and I look forward to take part in the conversation with renewed energy and ideas.  Until then, you can follow the 'light' version of this blog on Twitter @RNAiAnalyst. 


Tom Brady said...

Good riddance kornholer

GISSELLE said...


Anonymous said...

This is possibly the most exciting time for RNAi therapeutics. Much more is yet to be seen and your commentary is always interesting to read.

Anonymous said...

Who is Tom Brady? Anything to do with LAX terminals? A relative of the Brady Bunch?

I heard Bill Stickers was a cousin. All those signs said Bill would be prosecuted but he was innocent all this time. It was Tom Brady who kept putting up those offensive signs.

Anonymous said...

To be clear, I will continue on Twitter, so don't open that bottle of champagne yet!

Too late with this one.


BLT Investor.

Newsurfer said...


Sorry to hear you are taking a sabbatical. I hope it is brief. Thanks for your past and future efforts.

Anonymous said...

I also hope this is a brief respite. Each weekend I eagerly look forward to catching up on the readily accessible analyses of the complex scientific data from one of the most exciting areas of innovation on the planet.

Twitter is hardly a substitute for a full length blog post on a significant RNAi data release. There must be something else going on here. Starting a signoff in this field by saying "When it feels that everything has been said" must certainly be a joke.

Anonymous said...

The something else going on is contract expiry.

A shill for hire still but without the hiree.

Anonymous said...

Sir ,,every day we are checking your blog.. please come back soon with full of energy and keep giving us insights about the the upcoming..

Anonymous said...

Dirk, I'll follow your twitter. Thank you for all the advice and guidance over the years. You've been a great help I loaded up on ISIS and ARWR, the later largely after reading your analyses. I looked at RXII, and might soon buy some. I told my wife that we were losing you because some rich old guys dumped around $10M on you to invest and they said "no more free stuff". In any case we'll miss you. Drop us a hint every now and then on twitter!

Bart Simpson said...

Dirk grt lost you freak - you are a paid shill - ALNY rocks and ISIS blows - FU loser

Barrack Obama said...

Dirk you are a self important blowhard - beat it

cellulite exercises said...

Come back soon after a fresh break we are waiting for your great comeback. Thanks for updating us with your blog.

Anonymous said...

Front page Germany's @handelsblatt today: 'MONEY HERE OR I'LL SHOOT!'


Greeks reply


dirk,,like to censure?

Anonymous said...

eat my load Dirk - you shill / fraud

Anonymous said...

You are a bunch of Cornhole Cowboys

Anonymous said...

Hey Dirk, don't think you should bother restarting your blog when the awaited event arrives.

Some nasty participants and little to do with RNAi now.

Perhaps your ego allowed you to have an over-inflated sense of authority. Truth is, most people could see through your callow attempts to influence or obfuscate.

Dirk, go home.

Anonymous said...

Man... How many small people full of hate...
If you don't like the blog how about not reading it?
Dirk, I enjoyed your blog very much and hope to see you back here soon.
Will follow on twitter for now :-)
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Please come back! We need your help interpreting the AE's for revusiran

Anonymous said...

Hi Dirk!

Thank you for the tweets! They help me stay up-to-date on the various developments. It's useful to know where you are focusing attention.

I'd love to see your thoughts comparing the pros and cons of the ALNY drug(s) targeting TTR versus the drug GSK / Isis is developing. My impression, is that the market has assumed all along that ALNY will claim most of the patients in this space, and yet I am really wondering if it may turn out the other way around with GSK / Isis in the end having the superior product with fewer side effects.

What do you think?! How would you compare the pros / cons of the respective chemistries for this condition?




tufulipo said...

I'm curious what happened to your resolution to stop shorting?

Anonymous said...

Medical breakthrough: A cure for SMA?

(WXYZ) - For some time now, 7 Action News anchor Stephen Clark has been sharing his granddaughter Scarlet's story about her battle with SMA with you.

Now, a doctor says he may have found a cure for the condition.

See the full report on this medical breakthrough in the video player above.


it' not frustrating..........it's a crime

Dirk Haussecker said...

Tuful...sometimes it's just too hard to resist. There are some inflated bios, especially in the immune-onc space, but also other areas, which have now broken charts. I use shorts strictly for sector hedging only though.

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